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Our Mission

Celebrate! RVA is a non-profit organization with a simple mission: to give disadvantaged children a memorable birthday celebration in a safe and fun environment.

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We Believe...

We believe in love and joy and how that can impact the heart of a child. We believe that joy from something as simple as a birthday party can transform a child and impact their lives in countless ways. All children deserve to experience joy and be given the opportunity to celebrate their special day, no matter their circumstances.

Join our Executive Director as she explains why celebration is so important in the heart of children and how you can get involved in our mission. Video by Matt Pochily.

"Many of us don't realize that there are children in our community who have never celebrated a birthday, some don't even know when it is. Celebrate!RVA allows children to celebrate childhood!"



A one-time donation of $15 is all it takes to sponsor a birthday child.  Sign up to donate once or sponsor a child monthly!



Set up a facebook fundraiser and let your friends and family know that instead of gifts, you want to honor a child in need!



Our biggest need is for party volunteers. These are the folks that put on a party hat and a big smile and assist us with the fun stuff – throwing a celebration for a child in need. We’re looking for both children and adults who love to have fun, but are most importantly sympathetic and willing to help no matter the job. Duties include facilitating games and activities, engaging with the kids and assisting with party coordination such as set-up, cleanup and passing out cake.



Get your kids and your schools involved!


Donate Supplies

We’ve found that when children get to donate an item that they would want at their own birthday party, our mission hits much closer to home. We’ve seen countless children become very passionate about our organization because they had the opportunity to make a personal connection.


Make Cards

Each child we celebrate receives a handmade birthday card. Our birthday children treasure something as simple as a birthday card so have your children decorate cards with stickers, glitter, and of course lots of happy birthday wishes. Be sure to check out our birthday card guidelines.


Our Partners

They say it takes a village! By partnering with Richmond Public Schools and Henrico County Public Schools, and organizations such as: ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation, Safe Harbor, Doorways, World Pediatric Project, Ronald McDonald House, and Salvation Army, we are able to serve the children of our community.


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