Our brand new program matches you, our monthly sponsor, with one of our birthday children that you’ve helped us celebrate that month.

You’ll get an email once a month from us where you get to know their story, what their birthday means to them, and how you made an impact on their life.

With celebrate! ONE, you’ll be able to learn about the child you gave a birthday party to. It will be a tangible knowledge that you can take with you to know that you made RVA a brighter, more joyful community.


$15 is all it takes

One sponsor, one child a month.

Be a part of the magic today.


Every child we celebrate receives a handmade birthday card. 

thanks for being a part of the magic! 


Some ideas of things to draw: 

party hats | balloons | cakes  | candy | candles | pinatas | presents | confetti 


Some ideas of things to write:

“Happy Birthday to an Awesome Kid!”

 “Have an amazing day, you deserve it!” 

“Here is to a fabulous year, make it 

your best yet!” 

“Have a great time celebrating your

 birthday, make a special wish

 when you blow out your candle!”


cards can be mailed to or dropped off at: 

2920 West Broad Street,  Suite 11,  Richmond, VA, 23230


We are always in need of supplies for our birthday parties! 

Amazon Wish List

The easiest way to shop for items on our wishlist is to visit our Amazon Wish List, found here. We use all of these exact items and when purchased through this wish list, will be shipped directly to our offices! 


Does this come as a big surprise to you? We go through pounds of confetti every month and one of our favorite Confetti Suppliers, The Confetti Bar, has extended us an amazing deal! When you purchase any amount of this confetti mix, we receive double your order! 

Shopping somewhere else? Here's our wishlist:

paper plates and napkins
plastic utensils
plastic tablecloths
party hats
capri sun
individually wrapped candy
birthday candles
craft supplies


SUPPLIES can be mailed to or dropped off at: 

2920 West Broad Street,  Suite 205,  Richmond, VA, 23230


Join the Party!

We don’t ask anything of our volunteers but this: bring enthusiastic, joyful attitudes and be ready to focus all your energy on our birthday kiddos!


We are so grateful you want to join the party and help us celebrate!

Wondering what you can expect at one of our birthday parties? Most of our celebrations include plenty of time for play - from balloon animals to potato sack races, we build in lots of fun activities. From there, sing happy birthday, make birthday wishes, and eat lots of cake! After that, we are ready for gifts and then it’s time to head home!